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How to Choose Threader Earrings

Kate on her Theta Kite threaders:

"✨ OMG. I love my kite threaders. They are STUNNING."

Article: How to Choose Threader Earrings

How to Choose Threader Earrings

Do you need help choosing threader earrings? These long, dainty earrings have become increasingly popular recently, and we get it – they’re versatile, stylish, and can add just the right amount of shine to any outfit. The mazi + zo team LOVES threader earrings for their unique look and versatility, and it’s a bonus that they’re comfortable and easy to wear!

Threader earrings will up your ear game whether you wear them in a single piercing or “stitch” them through more than one piercing. Whether you're looking to add a little flash to an everyday outfit or dress up a look, threader earrings are perfect. In this guide, we'll go over what to look for in threader earrings so you feel confident shopping for them. 

  1. What are threader earrings?
  2. What to look for in threader earrings.
  3. Where to buy threader earrings.

What are Threader Earrings?

14k Gold Double Star Threader Earrings | mazi + zo

Threader earrings (or “ear threaders” or just “threaders”) have been around since the 70s and have become really popular in the last few years. Threader earrings are typically a long, thin chain earring with a stick post merged to the chain at one end and a charm of some kind at the other end. (Some threaders have a second post at the other end instead of a charm for an ultra-minimalist look.) 

The idea is to gently push that post through a piercing exactly the same way you would put on a standard post earring. The “threader” effect results when you continue to pull that post so the whole post and some chain are on the other side of your piercing so that  both ends of the threader dangle from your earlobe. Like any earrings, threaders are made in all kinds of metals and designs. They are usually light weight and between 3 and 4 inches long in total, including the post and the charm.


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What to Look for in Threader Earrings

  • Quality: We always recommend buying the best quality you can afford. There are two components of threader quality: metal, design, and finishing. Threaders come in all kinds of metals like brass, silver-plated, and gold. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable that the gold layer will wear off of gold-plated and vermeil pieces. At mazi + zo, we sell only solid 14 gold and pure sterling silver threader earrings because we want them to last a lifetime, and because there’s almost no risk of allergic reactions when you use purer metals. When it comes to finishing, you should look for threader earrings where the post and charms are seamlessly attached to the chain so there are no rough spots anywhere. Think about protecting your piercings and avoiding any kind of irritation.
  • Design: Threader earring design can make a huge difference in how comfortable they are and your risk of infection. You want the earring to feel weighty enough that it will last, but you need to balance that with taking care of your piercing. A threader’s weight includes the chain, post, and charms and a heavy threader will stretch your piercing the same way a heavy hoop earring does. At mazi + zo, our designer works very hard to make sure our charms are as light as they can be without sacrificing substance. To that end, we don’t add any stones or beads to our threaders and we use the thinnest chain that’s strong enough to hold up. No joke: our lightest threader style weighs just 1 hundredth of an ounce and our heaviest is only 2 hundredths of an ounce! 
  • Chains: In addition to the chain’s weight, two other important design choices are the chain style and thickness. We use a smooth box chain that’s different from the chain we use for our charm necklaces because the box chain is safer for your ears. We don’t recommend threaders that are rope chain, ball chain, or cable chain as their irregular surfaces are more likely to inflame your piercings. As to thickness, you want a thin chain else it could irritate your piercings; it doesn’t need to be as sturdy as a bracelet or necklace (which are more likely to get tugged by your clothes or your movement.)
  • Backs: While you don’t have to wear any backs at all with threaders, if you’re wearing a threader in just one piercing, we recommend using gentle rubber “stoppers” to secure your earring. Make sure your threaders come with stoppers or you’ll risk losing an earring that slips out! (Especially if your piercings are at all stretched out or the charm is heavy.) Naturally, mazi + zo threaders come with 4 stoppers in case you lose one or two (they’re slippery suckers.)

    Where to Buy Threader Earrings

    Um, right here at We offer five different styles of threaders and each comes in solid 14k gold or pure .925 sterling silver. You can choose a matched pair or single threaders to mix up your ear style. We offer threaders with Kappa Alpha Theta's KIte and Theta's Twin Stars as well as GammaPhi's crescent moon. We also offer lightning bolts and Venus symbols because we 💛 threaders. Our delicate threader earrings are light as a feather and so easy to wear. All of our silver and gold threader earrings are handmade in NYC using recycled silver and gold and ship free anywhere in the US. We want you to love your mazi + zo jewelry and if for any reason you don’t, we’ll make it right. And one more thing: shopping with us supports a woman-owned small business. 

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    If you have threaders already, check out our tips on how to style threader earrings and follow us on IG for even more!