Fish Charm Necklace in Sterling Silver

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Fish represent all kinds of good things in astrology: creativity, good luck, health, abundance... take your pick!

Handmade in NYC with pure sustainable .925 sterling silver. Also available in solid 14k gold.

We design all of our necklaces to shine alone, or to layer effortlessly with the rest of our collection. Our delicate fish charm is just right with our starfish or sailboat charm necklaces.

16-inch, 18-inch, or 20-inch sterling silver chain. Bonus: each chain has an extra ring so you can wear it an inch shorter for more layering options. Our fish charm is approx. 11mm from nose to tail.

Each necklace arrives in a reusable tin, sent with love from NYC.

    We Always

    • handcraft our jewelry in NYC;
    • use the highest quality reclaimed 14k gold and pure .925 sterling silver;
    • strive to eliminate waste in production, packaging, and shipping;
    • support equal rights across the board and prioritize inclusivity;
    • work exclusively with suppliers committed to environmental sustainability, ethical sourcing and fair hiring practices.

    We Never

    • inflate our prices so they can be discounted later;
    • manufacture outside the U.S.;
    • sell gold-plated, gold-filled, or gold vermeil jewelry (because jewelry should last a lifetime.)

    How Our Prices Stack Up

    How Jewelry prices are calculated for e-commerce and direct-to-consumer sales

    We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality handmade jewelry at a fair price. 

    A typical jewelry boutique or mall store marks up their merchandise EIGHT TIMES what it costs to make it. And most e-commerce brands double or triple production costs so they can promote deep discount offers off inflated prices and make you think you're getting a deal. 

    At mazi + zo, we keep it simple and calculate our prices based on the cost to handmake each piece using the finest quality sustainable gold and silver plus what we need to pay our team fairly. That's it. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Charlotte K. (Seattle, WA)
    I love it!!

    I love this sweet little fish! I wear this necklace every day and it has not tarnished at all. Recommend!

    Thank you! Wearing it every day is actually the best way to prevent silver from tarnishing, so you're doing it right! We use solid .925 Sterling silver which is the purest possible and it shouldn't tarnish at all if you wear it even occasionally (your skin's oils help protect the silver.) We advise you to store your silver jewelry in a dark, dry place when you're not wearing it as light and humidity aren't kind to unworn silver jewelry. If you do end up with a little tarnish, solid silver like ours is easy to clean with a little gentle dishwashing soap and a soft cloth! xoLizzy

    Anna N. (Charlotte, NC)
    Absolutely gorgeous!

    I love this delicate, minimalist fish! It’s so sweet and special. I’ve never seen one that matched my style and this is perfect! Shipping was fast, too. I could not be more pleased.

    Lauria T. (New York, NY)
    It's my favorite!!

    Very good quality, looks beautiful! I have worn this everyday since I got it, no discoloration or anything! Very good, thank you!

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