We’re here to answer your threader earring questions: 

What is a threader earring? Threader earrings have a post at one end that’s soldered to a chain that you pull through your piercing and there’s usually a charm at the other end of the chain. 

How do threader earrings work? You push the stiff “post” end of the threader earring through your piercing from the front or the back (either works!) and then pull the chain through your piercing to whatever length suits you. 

How to wear threader earrings? If you have one piercing, you can “thread” the threader earring through the front or back of your piercing and wear it at any length. mazi + zo ships our threader earrings with small rubber stoppers to secure the earring’s position. And there are sooooo many ways to wear threader earrings when you have more than one piercing. 


Check out How to Wear Threader Earrings and How to Choose Threader earrings and you can head to our IG for ideas on ”How to wear a threader earring in 2 piercings,” “How to style a threader earring in 3 piercings,” and “how to wear a threader earring in 4 piercings.” 


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