I support human rights across the board⸺this has been mazi + zo's promise from the start.

Along with the majority of the USA, I am enraged that the highest court of our country has determined that people cannot choose for themselves when or if to have a child. In 2019, poet laureate Amanda Gorman expressed the importance of standing up for reproductive freedom better than I ever could (obvi):

Amanda Gorman 8 Reasons - Now This News

Juliana Kim wrote for NPR about why overturning Roe v. Wade is tragic for our whole society, and not just a women's issue: https://www.npr.org/2022/06/27/1107715589/abortion-access-impact-on-men

“What can I do?” To start, I choose to support Stix’s straight-forward Donate Restart™ program because it provides emergency contraception to those in need and does so discreetly. 

I also choose to wear mazi + zo's delicate Venus sign to represent a goddess deified as a warrior, lover, and “bringer of victory.”

Lizzy wearing venus necklace - mazi + zo

 I invite you to join me.

When you buy a piece from our gorgeous Venus for Restart™ collection, mazi + zo funds a dose of Restart™, which is a safe and effective morning-after pill. So you can shop, shine, and help someone in need receive the healthcare they deserve. That’s gonna feel good.

Thank you for supporting the Restart™ Donation Bank and sharing our solid gold (and sterling silver!) values. You’ll look great in our Venus threader earrings, necklaces, and studs and they make great gifts, too. 


Lizzy Klein

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Read more about the phenomenal entrepreneurs behind Stix here, and you can also donate directly on their site.