We created mazi + zo for women who rise to the challenge and shake things up. 

(It rhymes with Fozzie and Ho.)

In the Greek language, mazi (pronounced mah-zee) means together and zoë (zoh-ee) means life. Native Greek speakers: please forgive our creative license.

Our Jewelry

We handcraft each piece to last with the highest quality sustainable 14k gold and .925 sterling silver and we say "no way" to the industry-standard crazy markups.

Proudly made in USA

Affinity Licensing officially blessed us to make and sell jewelry featuring each sorority's symbols and trademarks; they review every licensed piece to ensure we comply with each sorority's guidelines. Licensing also means a portion of every sale goes back to your sorority's HQ by way of royalty payments. 

Our Team

Founder Lizzy Klein is an NYC-based digital entrepreneur who caught the startup bug as a charter sister of Alpha Omicron Pi at Cornell University.

She loves all things bright and colorful (seriously, check out her IG feed!) Launching mazi + zo tickled her shiny bone so hard she braved 5 more ear piercings to up her ear game. 

Design Director Daniel Kennedy Martin is an award-winning bespoke luxury jeweler in London (and way out of our price range,) so we’re psyched AF he’s agreed to apply his giant talent to our world.

See more of Dan's insanely gorgeous designs 

Follow Dan on IG: @dankm

Production Director Nicole Hendry brings tremendous jewelry-making expertise from bigtime brands (we're talking brands sold at Barneys)  and we're grateful every time she brings a new design to life. We appreciate her know-how, commitment to quality, killer NYC network, and her tremendous patience with our natural impatience.
We thank our lucky stars for our extended team of uber-talented friends near and far who offer expert advice, inspo, and support.