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The mazi + zo Story

It’s 2018, what’s going on here? 

IG is taking off and sorority women are all over our feed. They’re wearing letters and they’re wearing jewelry, but they’re not wearing sorority jewelry. Hmm. 

Stop swiping and start digging.

We realized the only sorority jewelry options were 1) stodgy stuff from those big high school ring companies (painfully out-of-date) and 2) unlicensed cheaply-made pieces, the kind of jewelry that turns your neck green. We wouldn’t wear it either.

Recruitment is key.

Founder and creative director Lizzy is a jewelry-loving sorority woman, but in 2018 she didn’t know much about the business. The smartest move she ever made was onboarding exceptional talent. Design Director Daniel Kennedy-Martin is an award-winning fine jewelry designer. Production Manager Nicole Hendry, also a gifted jewelry designer, brings unparalleled expertise in sourcing materials and partnering with the best manufacturing partners in the industry.

Challenge Accepted.

Could we design a sorority fine jewelry line that’s both on trend and timeless? We were game to try and launched mazi + zo sorority jewelry: the hands-down most-coveted bid day and initiation gifts.

We obsess.

We teamed up with a family-owned workshop that handcrafts fine jewelry to our exacting standards (check) and pays their team what they deserve (check). Using only the best-quality, ethically sourced sustainable 14k gold and anti-tarnish .925 sterling silver, this father-son team brings our designs to life right here in New York City.

Initiation day!

Like our jewelry designs, we wanted our brand name to capture the spirit of sisterhood while keeping it cool. Taking a cue from Greek, "mazi" means together and "zoe" means life. We dropped the "e" and voila, mazi + zo was born!

🎤  It rhymes with “Fozzie and Joe”.


The words “obsessed” and “stunning” appear most frequently in our customer reviews. We’re licensed to make and sell jewelry for 20 national NPC sororities. We’ve worked with chapters, Panhellenic Associations, and national organizations to raise money for their philanthropies. We launched Mazi New York Jewelry to bring our aesthetic to a wider audience and our designs have been featured in Vogue Italia, Huff Post, Entertainment Weekly, and more. 


Sorority women inspire us every day and we are just getting started!


Want more? Meet the team behind mazi + zo sorority jewelry