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Double Star Necklace in 14k Gold
Stacy H. (Miami, FL)
Double Star BFFs!

I bought these gold double star necklaces for me and for my best friend to update our BE/FRI necklaces from high school (a long long time ago!) I love this necklace because it’s sophisticated and feels a little different and special and I feel like I can wear it all the time. My best friend loves hers, too!

I love this so much! The double star necklace is our signature design and we love that you recognize how special it is! Thank you for ordering and for taking the time to write a review!

Piña Colada Necklace in Sterling Silver
Margreth V. (Phoenix, AZ)
The Perfect Souvenir

My sisters and I took a trip to Jamaica and had an amazing time. We drank a lot of pina coladas while were there so I got this necklace for each of us to remember the trip! The ping colada necklace looks great on all of us and the quality is A+.

This is so perfect! Thank you for shopping mazi + zo and sharing your review. I hope you and your sisters take lots of sunny trips together (and snap a group shot with your piña colada necklaces--- love that!)


My best friend’s daughter is going to college and majoring in women’s studies. I got this for her and she loved it!!! I’ve bought from this site before and I love that I can always find a perfect gift!

Thank you for shopping mazi + zo and taking the time to review your purchase! We love this story and your bestie's daughter must feel pretty lucky to have a thoughtful person like you in her life!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!! 😁

I’ve been searching for a while for a Chi Omega necklace that would fit my style. I really love the classic design so that I can wear it with anything and wear it anywhere.

Thank you for writing; we're so glad to hear that our ChiO necklace is working for you!

Musical Note Necklace in 14k Gold
Kate R. (San Jose, CA)

🎵My dream of becoming a music producer is finally coming true and I thought I should treat myself. So when I saw this Music note necklace I knew it was meant for me! I love how delicate and simple it is. And I know I will treasure it forever.

Love this! Congratulations on making your dreams happen and we love to hear that our music note is along for the ride! thank you!

420 Necklace in 14k Gold
Kimberly G. (New York, NY)

Ok, I might have been a little high when I ordered this but i am so happy I did! It’s literally so cute and I haven’t stopped wearing it since I bought it.

ha ha!! Love this and so glad you're happy with your purchase! Thank you for shopping mazi + zo!

Heart Earrings in 14k Gold
Lori C. (Santa Clara, CA)
DEFINITELY buying again 🥰

I can’t wear most earrings because my ears are very sensitive and if I do wear them for too long they itch and get red and inflamed. No problem with these heart studs! No irritation or redness or anything when I took them off. I will definitely buy from this site again.

Hi, Lori - Thank you for your review. Our earrings are solid 14k gold so they're safe for sensitive ears. We're so glad they worked out for you.

Heart Necklace in 14k Gold
Amanda G. (Miami, FL)
Love Love Love!!

I absolutely adore this sweet heart necklace, it’s so simple but it somehow makes every outfit better. It’s rare to find jewelry that is so versatile!

Thank you for your kind words; what a perfect description!

Love this!!

☘️I love the delicate and classy design of my shamrock necklace!

Thank you for your wonderful review!

cute sorority jewelry

We bought this for our daughter, and she absolutely loved it - put it on immediately. Subtle but modern, it’s great looking sorority jewelry.

Scott & Danielle - Thank you so much for taking the time to review. We love hearing that your daughter loved her mazi + zo! thank you, Lizzy

Alpha Delta Pi Earrings in 14k Gold
Sara G. (Los Angeles, CA)

i’ve never seen tiny greek letter studs before and they’re adorable! I love them!

Thank you for your sweet review! We're glad to help you love your letters ;) !

Sailboat Necklace in 14k Gold
Beth D. (Miami, FL)
A Perfect Gift!

I bought this gold sailboat necklace as a gift to celebrate my daughter’s first-place regatta win and she loves it. It came in a cute little tin which she actually uses on the boat to keep her rings (she takes them off to sail.) Recommend!

Hi, Beth - Congratulations to your daughter and we're honored to know you celebrated her win with mazi + zo! Thank you for taking the time to review!

Chi Omega Ring in 14k Gold
Michele W. (Salt Lake City, UT)
The Perfect Gift!

I bought this Chi O ring in gold for my daughter’s initiation and it really was the perfect gift. She is a legacy and it’s something I know she’ll treasure for years to come.

Hi, Michele - We're so happy to hear your daughter appreciated your thoughtful initiation gift! Congratulations!

Champagne Flute Necklace in 14k Gold
D'Angela (Kingston, 01)

This necklace is very elegant and compliments my outfits! It's my very first purchase and I intend to shop here for my next accessory 🙂.

Hi, D'Angela - Thank you so much for taking the time to review. We're thrilled to hear you love the Champagne Flute; we love it, too!

It’s Gemini Season!

I totally identify as a Gemini and this delicate necklace is perfect for me. I wear it short and it’s so shiny! I love the little polishing cloth that came with it, too! It’s such a pretty color! I put it on my dresser so my earrings don’t roll off!

Hi, Ro - thanks for taking the time to review your Gemini necklace, and for sharing a new way to use our polishing cloth!

Champagne Flute Necklace in 14k Gold
Aleyna D. (Atlanta, GA)
I love it!

I love this elegant gold necklace. It’s so pretty and it goes with everything.

Hi, Aleyna- were so glad you love your gold champagne flute necklace! Delicate gold jewelry is so nice with summer looks! thank you for shopping mazi + zo!

Musical Note Necklace in 14k Gold
Anna L. (Los Angeles, CA)
this necklace rocks!

I am absolutely in love with this gold musical note necklace. I love that it reflects my passion for music and it’s just beautiful. The packaging is really cute, too!

Hi, Anna - Thank you for writing such a nice review; we're so glad you love the music note necklace!

Delta Gamma Ring in 14k Gold
Lila J. (New York, NY)
It’s perfect!!!

i got this for my big for graduation and she absolutely loves it. the open ring design is so cool and it’s just stunning. I could not be happier with this purchase. thank you!!!

Lila- We're so glad to hear your big loved our Delta Gamma ring. What a lovely graduation gift; she's lucky to have you in her lin! PLAM

Love these!!

⚡️ Obsessed with these gold lightning bolt threader earrings! They’re cool and super
lightweight. Love how versatile they are—perfect for both everyday and fancier outfits. i wear them all the time!

HI, Alexis - Thank you for taking the time to write and we're thrilled to hear that you love your threaders.. they're our favorites, too!

A Meaningful Gift for My Daughter

As a Kappa and a proud Kappa mom, I wanted a special way to celebrate my daughter's Kappa Kappa Gamma journey. I found the perfect gift in this delicate silver necklace. This necklace holds sentimental value, and will always remind her of cherished sorority memories. It me joy to see her smile when she wears it, feeling connected to her sisters. For sorority moms seeking a meaningful gift, this Kappa necklace is a perfect, lasting gift.

Christina- Thank you for your thoughtful note! You've described exactly how we want you to feel about your mazi + zo sorority jewelry gift!

Lightning Bolt Earrings in 14k Gold
Emmy S. (Kansas City, MO)
Gorgeous gold lightning bolts!

I bought these stunning gold lightning bolt earrings for myself and I can't get enough of them! They add a cool vibe to my ear game. The gold lightning bolts are incredibly eye-catching given how delicate they are. These earrings work with any look, whether it's casual or a night out. These gorgeous gold lightning bolt earrings are an absolute must-have.

Emmy - Thank you so much for taking the time to review! We're glad to hear you love your lightning bolt earrings!

Star Earrings in 14k Gold
Jaxx D. (Denver, CO)
Love these stars!

I'm absolutely smitten with these delicate 14K gold star earrings! They effortlessly add a finishing touch to my outfits, elevating the whole look. The dainty stars twinkle subtly, catching the light beautifully. Versatile and easy to wear, they pair perfectly with any outfit. If you're seeking to add to your earring collection, these must-have gold star earrings are the perfect choice.

Jaxx - We're so glad to hear you love your gold star earrings and hope you wear them for many years to come!


I actually got this as a gift on bid day and was looking at the earrings today. This necklace is perfect. 10/10. Its clean and simple and goes with everything so i never take it off. Recommend!

Hi, Leila - Thank you for coming back for more! And for taking the time to review and let other customers know what they can expect if they order our Kappa Kappa Gamma necklace!

I’m not taking them off!

i love these sweet theta earrings!! I’m wearing mine in my second holes and they fit perfectly… they’re delicate-looking but still feel like they’re made to last. You will not be disappointed!

Hi, Emma - Thank you for your kind words. We're thrilled to hear that you love your Kappa Alpha Theta earrings! Enjoy!

Star of David Necklace in Sterling Silver
Pauline R. (Rochester, NY)
my go-to bat mitzvah gift

The modern design of the Star of David and sterling silver charm and material combine to make this a perfect bat mitzvah git.

Thank you for taking the time to review! We hope your giftee loves her new necklace!