We Always

  • deliver the highest quality fine jewelry at a fair price;
  • handcraft our jewelry in NYC;
  • use top-grade reclaimed 14k gold and pure .925 sterling silver;
  • strive to eliminate waste in production, packaging, and shipping;
  • support equal rights across the board and prioritize inclusivity;
  • work exclusively with suppliers committed to environmental sustainability, ethical sourcing and fair hiring practices.

We Never

  • inflate our prices so they can be discounted later;
  • manufacture outside the U.S.;
  • use silver that contains nickel, cadmium, or lead;
  • sell gold-plated, gold-filled, or gold vermeil jewelry (because jewelry should last a lifetime.)


How Our Prices Stack Up

How jewelry prices work - mazi + zo

A typical jewelry boutique or mall store marks up their merchandise EIGHT TIMES what it costs to make it. And most e-commerce brands double or triple production costs so they can promote deep discount offers on inflated prices to make you think you're getting a deal. 

At mazi + zo, we keep it simple and calculate our prices based on the cost to handmake each piece using the finest quality sustainable gold and silver plus what we need to pay our team fairly. That's it. 


Licensed Sorority Jewelry

In accordance with each sorority's policies, Affinity Licensing and CLC Licensing approve every piece of our sorority jewelry to ensure that we comply with each sorority's brand guidelines. In addition, each sorority collects a 9.5% licensing fee on their designs, and you'll see a line item for this fee in your cart. We sent 100% of the fee we collect right back to your sorority (via their licensing agency.)