Kappa Alpha Theta Bracelet in Sterling Silver

$142 + royalty*; ships free!

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Our official Kappa Alpha Theta cuff bracelet is the bold accessory that shows off your Theta spirit.  

Handmade in NYC in sustainable .925 sterling silver. 

Approximately 62mm x 46mm at its widest, individual letters are 12.5mm high and the piece is a sturdy 2.3mm thick all around.

*We design & sell licensed Kappa Alpha Theta jewelry and collect a royalty fee in accordance with Theta’s licensing requirements. This fee goes to Kappa Alpha Theta.

We Always

  • handcraft our jewelry in NYC;
  • use the highest quality reclaimed 14k gold and pure .925 sterling silver;
  • strive to eliminate waste in production, packaging, and shipping;
  • support equal rights across the board and prioritize inclusivity;
  • work exclusively with suppliers committed to environmental sustainability, ethical sourcing and fair hiring practices.

We Never

  • inflate our prices so they can be discounted later;
  • manufacture outside the U.S.;
  • sell gold-plated, gold-filled, or gold vermeil jewelry (because jewelry should last a lifetime.)

How Our Prices Stack Up

How Jewelry prices are calculated for e-commerce and direct-to-consumer sales

We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality handmade jewelry at a fair price. 

A typical jewelry boutique or mall store marks up their merchandise EIGHT TIMES what it costs to make it. And most e-commerce brands double or triple production costs so they can promote deep discount offers off inflated prices and make you think you're getting a deal. 

At mazi + zo, we keep it simple and calculate our prices based on the cost to handmake each piece using the finest quality sustainable gold and silver plus what we need to pay our team fairly. That's it. 

Customer Reviews

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my style!

I LOVE IT! I wanted a bolder piece of theta jewelry and this is so beautiful! The quality is amaze and it came right away.

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