Venus Threader Earring in Sterling Silver

$44 for a single, ships free!

⚡ ships next business day!

♀ The future is female. 

Wear our Venus threader earring at any length, or thread it through a second hole! We sell it as a single to mix-and-match with your everyday ear game. Or save $10 when you buy a matched pair of Venus threaders.

Handmade in NYC in sterling silver. Available in 14k gold.

Approximately 87mm long in total, Venus is approx. 7mm long; comes with rubber ear back to secure the threader at your favorite length.

Each earring order arrives in a reusable tin, sent with love from NYC.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Hailey K. (Los Angeles, CA)

    I saw these on tiktok and I had to get them! They are so pretty and go well with a lot of my outfits. They’re delicate but that’s what makes them good because they’re so light and easy to wear. I 100% recommend them.

    Tiktok for the win! Thank you for this great review and for supporting the Restart Donation Bank! xoLizzy

    Kayla A. (Houston, TX)
    My favorites

    I bought these for my friend since she doesn’t have any threaders and she loved them. Admittedly, when she opened them, I wanted to take them back. I ordered a pair and expected the same quality as the ones my friend got, and that’s what I got. No scratches and not at all tarnished. Amazing quality!

    I love it! I love wearing the same threaders as my friends, too! enjoy & thank you for the great review! xolizzy

    Alyssa L. (Miami, FL)
    I love shopping to support reproductive rights!!

    I love these earrings as much as I love supporting reproductive rights. What mazi +zo is doing now is amazing and it’s great to know that a company does care. It’s been hard, but if we keep fighting, we can make a change. I will definitely encourage others to buy this and the other Venus products.

    Thank you for supporting our Venus for Restart(tm) program! And we're so glad you love your Venus threader earrings, too! xoLizzy

    Elizabeth A. (Kansas City, MO)

    These have been my go-to earrings ever since I got them, they are so great and comfortable. I have other threader earrings from here like the crescent and the lightning bolt and just the other day I layered the bolt with the venus one. They were so cute together and I just love them a lot.

    Thank you for your terrific review and we love hearing how you're styling your threader earrings! Thank you also for supporting Stix's Restart(tm) Donation Bank with your order! xolizzy

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