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How to Shop for Sorority Jewelry

If you’re shopping for bid day, initiation, big/little reveal, or any time, there are a number of factors to consider when you're shopping for sorority jewelry:

  1. Why is sorority jewelry so popular?
  2. Which type of jewelry is best: necklace, ring, or earrings?
  3. What is the jewelry made from? 
  4. What style or design do you prefer?
  5. How is the jewelry made?
  6. How much does sorority jewelry cost?
  7. Is the sorority jewelry licensed?
  8. Do you feel good about the brand you’re choosing?
  9. What are the store’s return and warranty policies?
  10. Do you prefer to support small businesses?

Why sorority jewelry?
We think sorority jewelry is the best investment you can make in letters because you can wear  your letters every day, even when you haven’t done laundry in weeks. High-end sorority jewelry will last a lifetime, whether you keep it for yourself or hand it down your lineage. 

What types of sorority jewelry make sense for you?

  • Necklaces: There are two ways to consider this: if you love necklaces and have a ton of them, it might make sense to add your letters to your necklace collection. On the other hand, if you have a favorite necklace (or three!) and *always* wear it, you might be better off choosing a sorority ring or earrings so you won’t have a tough choice every day. At mazi + zo, all of our sorority jewelry is designed to coordinate with our other pieces, as well as the Mazi New York jewelry collection (and the jewelry you’ve already got!) so you’ve got options. Our minimalist aesthetic is perfect for layering with other necklaces, and our silver sorority necklaces are adjustable from 15 to 16 inches for versatility. You can also special order your sorority necklace at 18” if that’s a better fit. Each of our licensed sorority necklaces is available in ethically sourced solid 14k gold or tarnish-proof .925 sterling silver.
  • Rings: people wear rings at any position these days so there’s always room for another *and* you can likely wear it on more than one finger. Our sterling silver and solid 14k gold sorority rings have an open design for flexible sizing, and also because we love the lowkey cool vibe. Our modern rings have been wildly popular since launch and based on our 5-star customer reviews and requests to design more, we know these are winners.
  • Earrings: If you have pierced ears, there’s nothing cooler than our Greek letter studs where you can spell out your sorority letters in dainty silver or gold stud earrings. Some of our customers wear their letters one in each ear, and some spell out two or three letters on the same side. If you’re shopping for Alpha Phi jewelry, we designed an integrated 2-letter stud earring, and Kappa Alpha Theta has a 3-letter stud earring as well as a cooler-than-cool ear climber that’s the hit of Instagram.

Do you wear silver or gold?

We’re into mixing but some people insist on matching metals, so consider if you’ll get more weartime with gold or silver. mazi + zo crafts our jewelry from solid 14k gold and pure .925 silver so we’ve got you covered either way. If you don’t see the gold option for a design, message us and we’ll take care of you!

 What’s your style?

If you’re college-casual and wear athleisure daily, minimalist jewelry is a perfect match. One great thing about mazi + zo designs is that you can dress them up or down. Customers wear our high-end sorority jewelry with jeans and sneakers and also when they’re dressed up for date nights and formals. We love seeing how they layer and stack our sorority collection with the other necklaces and earrings in our line, many of which are inspired by sorority symbols (we’re particularly fond of Pi Beta Phi’s arrow as a stud earring, Zeta’s crown necklace, and all of DG’s anchors!)

 How to think about sorority jewelry quality

If you want your sorority letters to last, get the good stuff. 

  • Materials: Gold will wear off of gold-plated, gold-filled, and even gold vermeil jewelry, so we don’t sell any of it. We handcraft our jewelry designs with solid 14k gold so it will last a lifetime. Likewise, our hypoallergenic silver pieces are certified free of nickel, lead, and cadmium so they won’t turn green or irritate your skin.
  • Making: We handcraft every piece of mazi + zo jewelry to the highest quality standards and it’s made to last. Because our jewelry is cast and polished by hand, there will be tiny variations from piece to piece and we like it that way. Each piece is perfect in its own way. There’s something special about handmade jewelry that machine-made can’t match.
  • We mean it: If your mazi + zo purchase doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll make it right.

 How much do you want to spend on sorority jewelry?

You get what you pay for. Our gold and silver jewelry is priced competitively with other fine jewelry. We are committed to handcrafting best-quality jewelry right here in New York City. We use sustainable, recycled gold and silver and pay a fair wage to everyone in our workshop. Our sorority jewelry is more expensive than jewelry that’s poorly made, unlicensed, or made overseas. That said, our silver sorority jewelry pieces start at $66, and we’ve seen sorority sweatshirts that cost more!

 Why you should buy licensed sorority jewelry

  • Authenticity: Licensed sorority jewelry is officially sanctioned by your sorority and meets your sorority’s standards for design, quality, and symbolism. This means you can be confident that you're buying an authentic product that accurately represents your sorority. We submit every mazi + zo sorority design for approval before we even make a sample!
  • Support for the Sorority: When you buy licensed sorority jewelry, a portion of the sale goes back to support your sorority and its programs. This helps ensure the continued success and growth of your sorority.
  • Exclusive Designs: Licensed sorority jewelry often features exclusive designs that are not available elsewhere. You won’t find anything like our sorority jewelry anywhere else!

You should feel good about the brand you're buying.

At mazi + zo sorority jewelry, we

  • handcraft our jewelry in NYC using best-quality reclaimed gold and silver
  • strive to eliminate waste in production, packaging, and shipping
  • Support equal rights across the board and prioritizes inclusivity
  • Work with suppliers who are committed to environmental sustainability, ethical sourcing, and fair hiring practices.

Consider Customer Service policies

We offer free shipping and free returns. If your mazi + zo sorority jewelry doesn’t meet your expectations, let us know asap and we’ll make it right.

Shop small!

mazi + zo sorority jewelry is a (sorority) woman-owned small business.